Carbomer 1342: cross-linked polyacrylic resin, topical drug delivery system, excellent rheology improver in the presence of electrolytes, p: olymeric emulsification. Carbomer 980: crosslinked polyacrylic resin, topical delivery system, crystal clear gel, water or alcohol solvent. Carbomer ETD 2020
In a neutral environment, Carbomer system is an excellent gel matrix with crystal appearance and nice sense of touch, so Carbomer is suitable for preparation of cream or gel. Manufacturer Supplier Best Price Bulk Carbopol 940 Carbomer 940
Carbomer 940 is a high molecular weight polymer of acrylic acid cross-linked with allyl ethers of pentaerythritol. Carbomer 940, previously dried under vacuum at 80C for 1 h, contains NLT 56.0% and NMT 68.0% of carboxylic acid (–COOH) groups. The viscosity of a neutralized 0.5% aqueous dispersion of Carbomer 940 is between 40,000 and 60,000 ...
Get Latest Price Chat with Supplier. Model NO. Carbopol 940,also called Carbomer or Carboxypoly-methylene is a generic name for synthetic high molecular weight polymers of acrylic acid used as thickening, dispersing, suspending and emulsifying agents in pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. They may be homopolymers of acrylic acid, crosslinked with an allyl ether pentaerythritol, allyl ether of sucrose or allyl ether of propylene.
carbomer 940 carbomer solution save 8 hours - liquid is easily operation carbomer gel high viscosity - we care your production cost CARBOMER 940 Carbomer 940 is a white fluffy powder providing excellent adhesion, gelation, emulsification, thickening, suspension, film-forming and stabilization benefits.
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Application and procedure of Carbomer 940 It is widely used in Hair styling gels, Hydroalcoholic gels, Moisturizing gels, Bath gels, Hand/ body and face lotions, Creams etc. 3.
This article aims to evaluate the evidence relating to the effectiveness of alcohol-based gel for hand sanitising, or 'handrub', in infection control in healthcare settings with particular reference to renal nursing, as this has become pertinent due to the increasing reliance on evidence-based pract …